Dereck and Beverly Joubert are world-renowned filmmakers, authors and conservationists. Their incredible company, Great Plains Conservation protects massively important areas throughout Africa – Botswana and Kenya in particular. Their camps are some of the best in the whole continent, and the new relaunched Duba Plains is possibly one of the most exciting camps to open in the past two years in the Okavango Delta. The couple, together with National Geographic have launched the Big Cat Conservation drive, highlighting the conservation and protection of all the world’s remaining wild cats.

There are less than 25 000 wild lions left in the wild, and around 3000 tigers, and a concerted and world-wide effort is needed multi country wise to ensure the most iconic of all predators are protected for prosperity. Please support their cause.

About a month ago, a most unfortunate and random attack by a “dagga boy” – a lone Cape Buffalo bull resulted in the couple being attacked. Poor Beverly was the worse off, in fact it is a miracle that she is alive at all. Our sincerest and heartfelt wishes goes to our friends for a speedy recovery.