Everyone in our African travel industry is upbeat, finally. Never mind about the 6th/12th or 23rd wave of COVID, it seems that opening of the economies on the continent supersedes the draconian way that the countries were closed in the past two and a half years. It is most refreshing.

Of course, there is an upturn in our guests wanting to return to our continent – and we are ready to host them. The travel shows in southern Africa are back and agents and operators from all over the world are ready to send guests to our beloved safari destinations.

It may be opportune for a rethink about coming to Africa in the coming months. Riaan and I were most fortunate to tour our western side of South Africa (towards the Kalahari) and some of the biggest rainfall in the past 20 years resulted in massive water-flows over some of our rivers. Please see the below from the amazing Augrabies (meaning huge noise in the indigenous! Nama language). Then we feature something very different in terms of utter uniqueness. Sangha Lodge in the least-visited Central African Republic.

It must rank as one of the most amazing wildlife encounters in Africa and is owned and run by pangolin-obsessed husband and wife team – Rod and Tamara Cassidy. Conrad is heading back there in November on safari, which will be a hoot! We hope that wherever the world you are in now, in whichever way the silver lining you may be in that you are well and please keep Africa in your thoughts.st spiny lobster, possibly one of the best culinary delights of the continent.

Driving down the coast to a hamlet called Paternoster, a very humble restaurant called Die Wolfgat has been voted many times as part of the best 50 restaurants on our planet. It is one of the places in Africa that many people can drive in a rental car – and the area is utterly marvellous for exploration. From Cape Town top Namibia is most definitely an option.