It is my favourite time of year in Southern Africa. The rains have arrived after a very dry winter and Botswana’s parched Kalahari Desert has exploded with life, everywhere. There are babies running around behind every corner, impalas, wildebeest, giraffes, zebras and possibly the cutest of the cute, baby warthogs. But the one sighting at Mombo with my family last week was perhaps one of the most special moments of all time in the bush – a tiny, one week old leopard, the grand- daughter of the famous Legadema.

She was calling out to her mum, whilst a lurking python was making its way down a tree to consume her. Pula, her mum, had gone off hunting no doubt and had left this poor soul all on its own. We probably would have intervened in this (how could one not) but the python slithered back into its hole, and eventually Pula did come get her new-born cub and take her to safety. What an incredible sighting.