The past three months have revealed the true nature of the trophy hunting business and their ilk who for some freaky reason, love killing prime animals and placing their heads on lounge walls and skins under their feet. Dr Walter Palmer has been one of the most hated people in the world due to Facebook and Twitter’s viral coverage of him killing Zimbabwe’s beloved lion, ‘Cecil’. Looking deeper, he turns out to be a truly revolting man – having been caught in the USA poaching bears and having to pay fines etc.

But then, just as we were getting over dentistophobia (is that a real word?) along came a documentary made by a friend of our company – Ian Michler – called BLOODLIONS. It is, quite openly, taking the lid off the South African ‘canned’ lion hunting industry – basically lions which are bred in captivity, where first they are cute and cuddly and are played with, then when they are slightly larger, guests can ‘walk’ with lions, and when they get nice and old with big black manes they are trophy-shot, usually being very tame.

Between Dr Palmer and the fiasco which is the canned hunting industry in South Africa, the outrage has really grown to a point (hopefully) where this whole industry will be shut down. It is heinous to the utmost degree, I am ashamed that in my years running safaris and ending in Vic Falls that I mingled with these hunters…

Starry Starry Nights will never support trophy hunting and ‘tame’ lion activities for our guests in any way.


Please support both of these causes, and please see BLOODLIONS it is really really heart wrenching and be warned… utterly disturbing.