Cut off from the African mainland well over 100 million years ago, the flora and fauna of Madagascar’s teeming forests have evolved independently, almost as though on another planet.

The result: nearly eighty percent of its species exist nowhere else on earth. Twelve thousand species of plants and 45 percent of its 270 bird species are endemic. Known as the “Great Red Island”, because of the eroding soil that stains the rivers and deltas crimson, you travel in search of lemurs, chameleons, orchids, baobabs, aloes, geckoes, sifakas and octopus trees.

Join STARRY STARRY NIGHTS for one of the most amazing journeys in Madagascar – seeking the rarest of the rare species. We will be visiting some of the most isolated, unique and far-flung areas of Madagascar, and hope to be able to tick off some super endangered creatures.

The National Park Tsingy de Bemaraha, a World Heritage Site UNESCO, where you will discover the famous Tsingy “the greatest natural labyrinth of the world.”

Kirindy is the land of dry deciduous forests – the Island’s most endangered ecosystem and is one of the least visited areas in Madagascar.

Isalo National Park is home to some of Madagascar’s most stunning scenery, and is a sacred place for the Bara tribe, whose burial sites are marked by mounds of tiny stones placed in crevices in the rock face.

Reniala Reserve shelters an amazing, bizarre and unique ecosystem which only occurs in the south-eastern part of Madagascar: the spiny forest. The towering spiny bushes are home to more than 2000 plants species, some spectacular and very old, baobabs and a complete endemic plants family, the Didieraceae.

Andasibe covers an area of montane rainforest at between 930 metres and 1,040 metres. The Park is home to the largest lemur, the indri, and some the groups have been successfully habituated here.



Antananarivo, Andasible-Mantadia National Park & Anjajavy – 7 Nights



Antananarivo, Andasible-Mantadia National Park, Morondava & Anjajavy – 12 Nights



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