Conrad has been lucky this Arctic season with Quark Expeditions to complete a marvelous feat- not once in a season, but twice, he completed the famous North West Passage – of course the infamous shortened ocean route from the Americas via the Arctic to the Orient. It is infinitely shorter (and much more dangerous) to do the Arctic route to the Orient rather than Cape Horn (of course) or even the Panama channel.

Possibly the most memorable of the two expeditions completed, was the route that is least traversed due to ice conditions, the Fury and Hecla Straight. Incredible Arctic communities were visited, and amazing wildlife seen. Of course the stars of the show were naturally the Great White Bears – and we were fortunate to see many, most of which in good body condition

One photo shows a Polar Bear on a seal kill, on top of an iceberg, one does not see this very often, as these alpha prefer to wander on sea ice. The guests and staff were also fortunate to get to see a massive pod of Belugas close up – the video of which can be seen here:

Some of the best aurora borealis were also seen – one night, when anchored just off Cape Dorset was possibly the best light show that Conrad had ever seen. Thanks to one of the guests, Rainer Martins, who captured some of the most wondrous images.