We enjoyed a mini safari in November of last year where we explored a beloved lodge which is to be redeveloped this year – Meno-a-Kwena lionLodge on the Boteti River.  In the sweltering heat > 40 degrees C (we almost did not get out of the pool) we enjoyed elephants and a host of game coming to drink right in front of the lodge, we almost did not have to go on safari.  In very dry spells at certain times of the year, over 5000 zebra come to drink in-front of this lovely, quirky lodge. It is in the process of being redeveloped and should be all done by the end of 2016. We did go on one drive in the Maghadighadi National Park and we encountered insanely aggressive, sinister and disturbed pride of lions. We did not heed the signs of pride’s main lioness and were properly charged within 2m of the vehicle. It just shows you, never take ‘tame’ wild animals for granted. Check out this incredibly aggressive lioness on the left.

Also not to be outdone is the announcement of a small – 8 bedded sister camp will be added to the Machaba Portfolio – Little Machaba. A perfect place for families or small groups to wholly take out the camp, details here.

Lastly our senior expedition associates, Steve Boyes and John Hilton are off on another immense expedition – Studying the source of the Cuito and Cuanavale Rivers in Angola – you can follow them and their adventures here.

We wish the guys best of luck and hey guys, leave those hippos alone!